Advanced SEO Techniques You May Not Have Tried

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Advanced SEO Techniques You May Not Have Tried

June 2, 2016Comments Off on Advanced SEO Techniques You May Not Have Tried

Some site owners may feel as though they’ve tried every SEO trick in the book. They may not feel as though they can do anything else to improve their search engine rankings.

Thankfully, there are always new tips and techniques that site owners can try. These advanced SEO techniques can be used alongside your existing SEO strategies. They’ll help you to increase your rankings even further.

1. Re-Work Old Content

Do you have content on your site that isn’t getting much search traffic? You may be able to get a big boost by writing a brand new headline.

When you started your site, you may not have known much about SEO. Now, you can use that expertise to punch up the oldest content on your site. This will only take you a few minutes, and it can make a big difference.

After you make a few changes, have search engines re-crawl your site. Before long, you should start to see traffic trickling into those pages.

2. Research Your Users Interests

“If you want to create effective keywords,” says Ron at Comet Web Agency – Denver SEO company, “you’re going to want to learn more about what your target audience is searching for. The closest you can get to their search terms, the better off you’ll be.”

In addition to using the Google Keyword Planner, you may want to try seeing what people are searching for on sites like Quora. Try to build articles around the kinds of questions that real people are asking. They’ll appreciate your efforts.

seo-content3. Create Content That Compliments Your Existing Content

Part of improving your SEO is building on the successes that you’ve already had. It’s also important to provide information about the kind of site you have.

Work to write content that compliments your existing content. If you have a favorable article about web design, try to write more about that subject. If your site sells office supplies, create content that will teach search engines more about your site.

Don’t worry about being redundant. Writing a lot of similar articles can be very beneficial to you. It will help you to hit on keywords that will help your site grow.

4. Create Excellent Images

Site owners shouldn’t discount the importance of image search traffic. Internet users tend to be motivated by visuals; creating the right images can make a tremendous impression on them.

Don’t rely on stock photography; create original images for your site whenever you can. When possible, try to create shareable images for your site, like infographics or images that contain inspirational quotes. If you can draw in people from image searches, you’ll see a steady increase in your traffic overall.

These advanced SEO techniques and strategies can benefit your site. If you haven’t tried out these techniques, go ahead and give them a go. You should start seeing the results of your efforts in no time at all. Great SEO is about more than the basics. Sometimes, you have to push deeper to get meaningful results.