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When winter season ends, it paves the way for the spring season. During this time, daylight tends to be longer. The sun rises earlier than normal and extends right into the late evening. This creates extra hours of sunlight in most parts of the world, especially the North East and Mid West. But now that the climate is conducive for golfers across the world to partake in their activities, how do you prepare to make the best out of this spring season?

Perhaps the following tips can help maximize your performance as a golfer. Take note of the following: You can go to bed early so that you wake up early in the morning to play golf. Most golf players have a busy work schedule, and because of this, they always prefer tee times in the morning.

The benefits of playing golf in the morning are quite obvious. Temperatures are friendly in the morning. There is also less humidity during morning hours. And finally, crowds technically don’t exist in the morning. Playing conditions are favorable to most people.

However, going for tee times in the morning also come with many downsides. Dr. Charles Czeisher, Harvard Professor of sleep medicine, insists that golfers should not play at the break of dawn.

Dr. Czeisher claims that people tend to be less coordinated and flexible in the morning. Judgment and short term memory are also affected during morning times. According to him, the body’s reaction is affected by light and darkness over a 24 hour period. The various activities of the human body slowly adjust to the light or darkness as time goes by. Both mental and physical activities are affected by light and darkness from the day and night respectively.

According to experts in sleep medicine who have been interviewed by Golf Digest, one should play golf between 9 am and 11 am. The body is less alert from midnight to 6 am. This cycle is also repeated between 1 pm and 4 pm. That’s the reason you should go for tee times beginning 10 am or after 4 pm.

Going for twilight golf: this should be your best bet

Research has concluded that late afternoons and early evenings are ideal for golf players because that’s when the body can perform at its peak, physically. Strength, flexibility, as well as mental capacity is at its peak between 5 pm and 8 pm. This is according to New York Times.
According to Michael Smolensky, a University of Texas professor of Biomedical Engineering, physical performance of the body rises between 3 pm and 6 pm. He also adds that muscles and joints become flexible by up to 20% during these hours, meaning athletes can minimize chances of developing injuries when they observe these hours.

An assistant professor at New York Albany College, Boris Medarov adds another dimension to this observation by stating that lung capacity to function is increased by 18% after 5 pm.

What if you don’t have time to play golf during these hours? Well, you can reset your circadian system – according to Shawn Youngstedt – an associate professor at the University of South Carolina. He states that research has shown that bright light in the morning can help manipulate the biological clock. This light can affect mood, behavior, and body function. So it’s just a matter of knowing how to utilize it.