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The Top Myths About SEO Today

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Once you have decided to apply a few search engine optimization strategies to your website, you might be apprehensive about the results you can achieve. There are many myths and rumors that you will find on the Internet about how SEO simply does not work anymore. However, when you see websites at the top of the listings, obviously they did something right to achieve and maintain those positions. There are specific strategies that you can use that can help you get to similar positions online, sometimes in a matter of weeks. There are three myths about search engine optimization that need to be cleared out before you use any of the strategies. We will help you understand what is effective, and what is not so that you know more about the best strategies in SEO that can help you achieve the best results.

Myth #1 – Unique Content Is Not Necessary

The first myth that perpetuates every single year is that you do not need to have unique content to rank your website. This is not true. The only variation to this fact is that when you use what is called curated content, it is possible to rank just as easily. Using curated content is similar to what news websites do every single day. Hundreds of them will post the same story on their site, with a slight variation in the introduction, and conclusion, and can easily rank those stories at the top of the site. However, if you are building a niche website, and you are using private label rights content that has been used by tens of thousands of people, this is simply not going to help you rank your website because of how ubiquitous all of this content already is.

Myth #2 – Backlinks Do Not Improve Rankings

This second myth was more than likely developed by someone that did not understand how to generate proper backlinks. So many people will buy packages where thousands of links will be posted on the web, usually within the span of just a few days. The search engine algorithms will recognize this as spam, and will discount all of them, especially if they are originating from link farm websites. However, if you can get backlinks from reputable websites, ones that have exceptional page rank, and also domain and page authority, these links will help you rise to the top of the search engines.

Myth #3 – Longtail Keyword Strategies Are Dead

The third myth is that long tail keyword strategies simply do not work. This is probably the worst myth of them all. If you choose a keyword phrase that has very little competition, that is greater than three words in length; there is no way for you not to have the opportunity to rank on the first page of the search results. Again, this myth was probably created by people that have tried SEO with longtail keywords and chose ones that had quite a bit of competition. It is certainly one of the best strategies that exist today for ranking your website, and will continue to be in the future.

Now that you understand the 3 top myths of SEO, and why they are false, you can begin to use these strategies to your advantage. By using unique content on every page, building backlinks from authority sites, and using long tail keywords, you will have the highest probability of ranking your competitors and generating consistent traffic from these organic listings.

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