Knowing When to Repair or Replace Roofing Materials.

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In most cases, the decision whether to repair or replace a roof is easy to make because you only need to look at certain signs. For instance, if your roof has a single leak which is affecting only a part of your house, doing a repair could be more convenient and cheaper than replacing the whole roof. However, if the roof is old, broken and has roofs, replacing it altogether could be the better

Unfortunately, deciding on whether to replace or repair your roof not only depends on the damage that is done to the roof but also it includes the types of materials used in roofing. Considering the roofing materials information below can help you decide whether you will do a repair or a replacement of your roof after damage.

Common Roofing Material Choices

Asphalt, wood, slate, metal and tile are the five most common roofing materials used in roofing residential houses. Considering their life span and physical characteristics, you can either repair or replace any of these materials after damage has occurred on your roof to maintain their appearance or durability.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing materials found on the market today. Their popularity is due to their low prices as well as their easy installation process and procedure. The shortcoming of using these materials in roofing is that they don’t last long after installation.

Metal roofing is becoming popular as technology advances. The older roofing material had several cons among them rusting and being poor insulators in hot weather. However, this has not been the case with today’s metal roofing materials because of modifications which have made them durable and affordable in prices.

Tile roofing is very popular because it is resistant to both fire and wind. Tile roofing materials are also durable making the very expensive to install in a home.

Wood roofing materials have lost popularity with time because they are not only expensive to install but also need regular maintenance practices to make them last longer. Wood is also prone to fire and extreme weather conditions which can make them rot due to mold formation.

Slate roofing is the best you can install in your home. The materials last longer than any of the above roofing materials with an addition of elegant appearance which is not very common. As a result of the numerous benefits, these roofing materials have the highest price tags in the market today.

Replacement or repair choices for roofing materials

Some roofing materials are easy to repair than others putting some factors into consideration. Replacing slate and tile roofing could turn out to be very expensive because they are not only expensive to buy but also require skilled labor to install altogether. This makes repairing the damaged part the best choice to avoid incurring heavy charges.

Even though wood does not last longer and requires higher maintenance needs, some homeowners prefer installing the wood roofing materials because of its appearance. Wood has been outdated since better roofing materials have emerged offering better functionality and value for money compared to wood. Before settling on wood for roofing, consider the available choices in the market which can be better than wood.

Metal roofing materials are a good deal to invest in because they last very long with little or no maintenance costs. Metal roofing rarely requires repairs like most roofing materials. However, if your metal roof has lasted long enough to require frequent repairs, consider replacing the entire roof because it could have been worn out. Damages caused by an impact can be easily repaired to restore the normal functionality of a metal roof.

Deciding on whether to repair or replace asphalt shingles could be one of the difficult decisions you will have to make if you’ve used them in roofing. They can be easily patched up over time while still offering quality roofing services. With repeated repairs, asphalt shingles age more quickly, and replacement will be the next course of action required. The advantage of using shingles in roofing is their low price which makes them very affordable to most homeowners. Therefore, they can be replaced completely many times without even reaching a single installation cost of some roofing materials available on the market today.

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