Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

July 8, 2016Comments Off on Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

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Running an event requires a lot of planning and thought. Picking the perfect venue will make all the difference between your event bombing or being a resounding success. Here are a few tips for things to look at when you’re picking the perfect event venue.


An excellent Vancouver event venue will be somewhat centrally located – at least as far as the attendees are concerned. It should have to park, and be within reasonable walking distance of some public transport links so that no-one in your target demographic is excluded from attending the event.


Ideally, the venue should be big enough to accommodate comfortably everyone who is coming to the event, including not just floor space, but also things like toilets, changing facilities, etc. as necessary. Too big, and it will make the event seem deserted. Too small, and it will be frustrating for the attendees, and make things feel too cramped.


Make sure that the venue has everything you need – meaning wifi, plugs for music, a kitchen if you’re doing in-house catering, changing facilities or toilets, parking, locker rooms, etc. It’s those little things that make all the difference when it comes to how professionally run your event feels.


Venue prices can vary from $15 an hour for the smallest community hall to thousands per day for a convention center or a stately home-style venue. The cost can depend on the time of day, and also whether there are other similar sites in the area, and what other events are on the calendar at the time. Shop around, but do remember that sometimes it makes sense to pay a little more to get a venue that will be popular which is a case of ‘spending money to make money.’

Other services

Look at the other ‘value adds’ that the venue has. Do the ‘value adds’ have their security or their ticketing system? Do they have first aiders or a catering service on hand? Those are all useful things that could save you a lot of money compared to the idea of bringing in your third party staff.

If you’re trying to run a fantastic event, then you should look at booking the venue well in advance so that you can get as much marketing done as possible. Remember that it is the attendees that make the event.